Luca Oberti Arabians


It all began in 1985, when Gilberto decided to give himself a jumping horse and take English riding lessons. A few years later, the encounter with those who were the first two mares of his first breeding of Arabian horses, unaware that from then this encounter would mark forever the life of Gilberto and the entire family. In subsequent years the passion grew, the first foals were born and consequently the desire to show their passion in the show rings. It was then that began the adventure of Gilberto as trainer and handler, that quickly became one of the most solid and continuing reality in the national purebred Arabian horse scene. The first successes came immediately showing their own horses and making themselves available to friends and first customers. In those years there were the internationals in Cervia, the first editions of Travagliato Cavalli, the show of Erba, the internationals in Grosseto, Reggio Emilia and Verona. Alongside Gilberto there were always the sons Luca and Samuele, who shared the experiences with his father in the daily management of the activities, in conditioning the horses for the shows and in the management of the center. In 2001, Luca decided to start a new experience, dedicating himself with greater competence and professionalism in the world of Arab thoroughbreds. So he moved to Michael Byatt Arabians in Texas, where he remained for more than a year working for Michael Byatt and Robin Hopkinson in the preparation of the horses of one of the most respected training center in the world. Still today, after many years, Luca remembers his time spent in America with satisfaction. It has been for him an incomparable experience of life and an important professional growth. Upon returning from the experience overseas, Luca began working at Ses Planes of Marieta Salas, collecting several successes in the Spanish shows, winning for two consecutive years the title of Champion Filly at the show of Mionio with Abha Lyria and Abha Myra and two Spanish National Champion titles with Abha Midas and Abha Maharani.

Then he collaborated with Al Shaqab Stud, winning the 2003 National title of Qatar with the mare Hatfa al Shaqab and he knew Talal Al Kharafi, a young Kuwaiti breeder with whom he achieved the National Championship of Egypt with Nefisa Ikhnatoon and Ajmal Sinan. Collaboration, the latter with Talal, that continues today with the management of the breeding program of Al-Kharafi Arabians directly in the Italian farm. The experience of Luca as a trainer and handler can be said just begun, but, despite his young age, being always in the environment helped in becoming one of the most respected trainer. In 2004 Frasera Mashara owned by Frasera Stud – Santoro Francesco, already winner of several titles in Italians shows, is second in category and Top Ten at the Paris World Cup, beaten only by the incredible Pianissima. Frasera Mashara will repeat his success in 2007 by winning the Best in Show and Best Head at the international show in Citta di Castello. In 2005 is Frasera Ramses Shah, taking the title of National Champion stallions and Best in Show, always in Città di Castello, giving way to Luca’s first national title. Full of success is the partnership that binds Luca with another important Italian breeder: Pippo Palumbo. The Sicilian breeder made a series of successes both nationally and internationally, presenting Alima Moniscione, Magic Aretusa, ZT Magbilt, Aretusa Malik Shah, Aretusa Ali in national shows in 2008 and winning the title of National Champion stallions with TS Apolo and Reserve National Champion colt with RFI Farid. The latter gives particular emotions also in the 2009 season that started winning his class in the show of Al-Khalediah – Saudi Arabia and continued achieving the National Championship title in Città di Castello, becoming National Champion Colt. And it seems to be used to the national titles Pippo Palumbo and Aretusa Arabians, indeed they repeated it in 2010 with TS Apolo, winning the title in Città di Castello and becoming the Italian National Champion Stallion, gaining for the third consecutive year the most coveted national title with owned horses. In 2010 the beautiful filly Althea, daughter of Ajman Moniscione, wins her very first shows, becoming Gold Medal Fillies Arabitalia in Travagliato, Silver Medal Fillies in Manerbio up to culminate in September with the most coveted title, the Italian National Championship. Later in 2010 Luca begins a collaboration with the Great White London Arabians which Luca is manager and trainer.

rayyangallery2Instead 2011 is the year of Hasman Gyo, bred and owned by Gyo Arabians, Trovò Giorgia. His palmares during the year is amazing, despite his young age. He remained unbeaten in the Italian shows, winning four Gold Medals out of four shows in which he take part, including the title of National Champion Colt in Cattolica. In 2011 we also like to remember the titles of Kuwait with Fatemah al Naif Gold Medal Mares and Gazal Al Rayah Bronze Medal Stallions owned by Al Rayah Farm of Alaa al Roumi and Al Sharg Farm of Talal al Nisf; the Gold Medal of Psyrasic in Travagliato and Porto Sant’Elpidio; Gold Medal of Demetra Regalis and El Nacar; the satisfactory season of Safeer, owned by Martucci Tina, including the Silver Medal Colts in Rome; the successes in Sicily with Baron Mhaikon, Arethusa Ali, Aretusa Akim. In 2012, another stallion was the star of the show season, AB Jamil La Piana, charming and elegant show machine that has won the Gold Medal Stallion titles at the Tirrenian Cup of Salerno, Cavalgrigna and Verona, before being sold in the UAE with Al Jazeera Arabians. In 2012 began a new collaboration with the breeder and international judge Irina Stigler. The first successes in show for Luca and Irina not long in coming, with SS Lady D Gold Medal Futurity Filly in Verona Fieracavalli. Over the following years was ASH Dream of Glory to give immense joy to Luca and Irina. His career was progressive, starting with the title of Bronze Medal Stallions at the national Italian championship in 2013, continuing as Gold Medal Stallions in Travagliato 2014 and finally reaching the deserved title of National Champion Stallion in Città di Castello in 2014. Bred and/or owned by Irina there are also Farah Darina, Silver Medal Mare in Cavalgrigna 2014; SS Agianna Maria which won several shows as a futurity; SS Leandro AH owned by the family Halak (Israel); SS Coronado El Jamaal owned by Jamaal Kahook – Jordan; Donna Diva leased by Al Muawd Stud – KSA and Silver Medal Mare in St. Petersbourg show in 2015. Later, the Italian breeder Pietro Re  – Regalis Arabians decided, in 2014, to import Makisa Adaggio, chestnut son of Vervaldee and Maradisha, morphologically top quality stallion as well as quality is its pedigree. And in 2014 and 2015 Makisa Adaggio demonstrated to have excellent skills in showing, as he become Gold Medal Stallions in Travagliato Cavalli and at the international of Bergamo; Gold Medal and Best in show at the Swiss Mountain Cup and Top Five at the European Championships in Verona later in 2015.


2015 started off great for Luca who in January won the Bronze medal at the show of Ajman – UAE presenting Ali Moniscione owned by Mandara Arabians Stud – UAE, and also winning the class of 4/6 years stallions with Abha Ulan. Instead 2015 was the perfect season for SS Coronado El Jamaal owned by Jamaal Kahook – Jordan), charismatic and charming chestnut colt that achieved the Gold Medal colt in TravagliatoCavalli, Gold Medal at the International Sant Petersbourg Show – Russia, Gold Medal at the International Bergamo Show, Silver Medal at the National Championship of Arezzo and Gold Medal at the Grand Prix Horse Fair in Verona. Year 2015 ended, as it began, with other success in the Middle East shows; this time for the stables of Al Rayyan in Qatar, for which Luca is handler with Michael Byatt and Alessio Scaramella. At the Qatar National Championship, Al Rayyan has participated with a group of Straight Egyptians horse that have no equal in the world, winning the Gold Medal Fillies with Menouah al Rayyan, Gold Medal and Silver Medal Mares mares with Darine al Rayyan and Majdah al Rayyan.